Training System for Microvascular Anastomosis and Microsuture


UpSurgeOn: educational, academic and cognitive technology

Problem: Training in neurosurgery is a global healthcare emergency

Solution: Surgical skills can be augmented. The UpSurgeOn Academy is a technologically-advanced sequence of virtual and physical technologies designed to support Mental and Manual training and advance cognitive and motor skills.

We are going to apply the same method to many other surgical disciplines.

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Fill the gap between theory and practice in surgery


Reach a universal framework for all surgeries

UpSurgeOn Academy: when theoretical knowledge is not enough

The most advanced sequence of virtual and physical tools to train your mental and manual skills

Attain excellence in mental and manual skills. The Academy is designed to ease your learning curve in neurosurgery and neuroanatomy, and to be integrated into your standard curriculum.

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Our educational approach

Mental Training

Educational Apps

3D support through virtual neuroanatomy and surgical simulation tools

Hybrid Training

Augmented Reality

AR software – fusion of digital and physical tools, from craniotomy to deep exploration

Manual Training


Life-like, high-fidelity physical simulators of surgical scenarios

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UpSurgeOn is changing the traditional training


You know how steep the learning curve is. How attaining surgical excellence necessitates fatigue and sacrifice; how inaccessible experience in operating theatre can be.

We know these limits, because we started from them.

Like you we know the importance of mental and manual skills – for your patients and for yourself.

That’s why we have chosen to revolutionize tradition using the best technology to overcome the costs of standard training.


The highest realism and accuracy possible

Literature-based modelling processes to deliver the most impactful and life-like simulation technologies ever. You will be amazed by all this detail!

Freedom to access the experience

For the first time in the world, we have made the most advanced simulation technologies available for direct access by single users.

Simulation everywhere in the world

The Academy is breaking the traditional limits of education. No access to cadaver dissection, but the best hybrid simulation technologies.

Support by the leading institutions and mentors

The UpSurgeOn Academy is receiving the support of many Institutions and many Key Opinion Leaders worldwide.

Pterional Box: brain box for pteronial approach

UpSurgeOn Store: all the technology you need to ensure your excellence

3D Apps, physical simulators, augmented reality tools.
The UpSurgeOn Store offers you a series of virtual and physical technologies, based on scientific literature and created by a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, developers, digital artists, modellers and bio-engineers.

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