UpSurgeOn: scientific mindset and artistic soul

Neurosurgeons, developers, digital artists, modellers: we decided to aim for the future of surgical training.

The way surgeons are trained needs a radical change. Thousands of lives depend on this. The cadaver-free training represents a dramatic change on a global level – scientific literature is confirming this.
UpSurgeOn decided to lead this change.


Fill the gap between theory and practice in surgery

We believe in psychomotor skill augmentation. Our mission is to save millions of lives, training more skilled neurosurgeons across the globe.
We aim to improve learning curves, expediting mastery, whilst reducing the high costs of training.


Reach a universal framework for all surgeries

We envisioned a new medicine: a new generation of highly trained surgeons, certified through simulation-based technologies. This is a scientific, cultural and humanitarian revolution.

The values: beyond the evolution of surgery, to the evolution of oneself.

Surgery is not only about cutting, dissecting or drilling.
We need to come back to foundation values.
We need to rediscover the meaning of our profession.

This is UpSurgeOn

Passion to treat.
Passion to innovate.

Love for patient, ethical and intellectual commitment, sacrifice for a precious good such as life.

Today you are on this path – we know this because we come from the same world.
Now we want to find new ways to increase your excellence and make your skills extraordinary.

Your patients will benefit from your mental, manual but also spiritual evolution.

We know you need a powerful daily-based mental and manual training. What can help you through accuracy and accessible technologies.

The integration between physical and digital technologies is the fire which brought UpSurgeOn to invent the Academy, a system to guide the training of students and postgraduates with new methodologies.

Patient benefit

Your patients will benefit from your mental, manual but also spiritual evolution.


Daily mental and manual training thanks to the accuracy and accessible technology.

Hybrid approach

The integration between physical and digital technologies was the fire which started UpSurgeOn.

The problem

  • Training in neurosurgery is a healthcare emergency

    Steep learning curves, expensive programs, no simulation-based certifications, limited access to cadaveric dissection.

  • More than 5 million of cases not-treated each year globally

    due to the absence of trained surgeons.

The impact

€ 1 MLN

Average cost per trainee for hospitals


Essential cases in LMICs go unmet each year


Neurosurgeons needed in the world


Malpractice claims go to neurosurgery

The solution: UpSurgeOn, not only neurosurgery

UpSurgeOn Academy is made by neurosurgeons for neurosurgeons: we invented a scientific method to augment cognitive and psychomotor skills.

It is a hi-tech sequence of virtual and physical technologies designed for Mental and Manual training. The foundation of everything is a novel process of Scientific 3D Modelling, resulting in the most accurate surgical scenarios and tools.

The same technologies will be soon available for spine surgery, ENT, maxillo-facial surgery, general surgery and many others.

We are already working to apply the same method to other surgical disciplines.

Our educational approach

Mental Training

Educational Apps

3D support through virtual neuroanatomy and surgical simulation tools

Hybrid Training

Augmented Reality

AR software – fusion of digital and physical tools, from craniotomy to deep exploration

Manual Training


Life-like, high-fidelity physical simulators of surgical scenarios

Meet the team Who we are

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