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International Scientific Ambassador

Marco Cenzato, Head of Neurosurgical Dept. Niguarda Hospital

Personal training system for cranial neurosurgery

What you can learn and practice

AneurysmBox is the most advanced training system for cranial neurosurgery.

The highest level of detail

5 aneurysms and many other structures

AneurysmBox is the result of a process called Scientific 3D modelling. The extreme precision and realism of the 3D models has been converted into the most impressive and life-like anatomical models ever.

Here’s what you can explore in an AneurysmBox:

II: Optic Nerve
ICA: Internal Carotid Artery
ACA: Anterior Cerebral Artery
A1: First segment of ACA
AComA: Anterior Communicating Artery
MCA: Middle Cerebral Artery
III: Oculomotor Nerve
PComA:Posterior Communicating Artery
PCA: Posterior Cerebral Artery
Ophtalmic Artery
Pituitary Stalk
Perforating Arteries
Lamina Terminalis
Heubner Artery (origin)
Optic Chiasm
Basilar Tip

UpSurgeOn Technologies for your hands-on courses

Manual Training: BrainBox

BrainBox is the most hyperrealistic simulator designed for psychomotor skill augmentation. Neurosurgery residents from all over the world are already practicing on this tool to perform neuroanatomy exploration, craniotomies and aneurysms clipping.


The most advanced and hyperrealistic vascular simulator

AneurysmBox is a hybrid system designed to analyze virtually one case before to operate it physically

In a single simulator you can operate 5 different cases, starting from a mental training based on virtual reality and reaching to manual training.

Case 1: Middle Cerebral Artery
Case 2: Basilar Tip
Case 3: Carotid Bifurcation
Case 4: Anterior Communicating Artery
Case 5: Posterior Communicating Artery

AneurysmBox is modular

Everything has been designed to maintain high standards of efficiency: One box is able to simulate any patient positioning.

In addition, BrainBox Aneurysm, like the entire BrainBox series, is modular. So you can continue your collection with the new Aneurysm Scenario, or you can simply pick up a full BrainBox Aneurysm.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid for us is the union of virtual reality for mental training and physical reality for manual training.

Augmented reality guides you in carrying out a surgical approach, and in this case in choosing one of the 5 cases and then visualizing in 3D the vascular pathology you want to treat.

Manual Training

After understanding the three-dimensionality of your target and visualizing it through a specific craniotomy, you can switch to the physical simulator.

Here’s the most challenging stage: using the surgical microscope, or if you are at home, using the included loupes, you can examine the aneurysm and prepare for clipping, using the clips in the kit.