Brain Dissection

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Brain Dissection
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Brain Dissection

Anatomical Brain Dissection
Guided by Augmented Reality

Enhance your microdissection skills

Surgical Anatomy of the Cerebral Cortex

Deepen your understanding of the surgical anatomy of the cerebral cortex. The simulator allows precise exploration of cortical regions, facilitating the identification of functional areas during operations.

Explore Brain Anatomy with Augmented Reality

Brain Dissection is a cutting-edge simulator offering a hands-on experience for the anatomical dissection of artificial brains, with realistic details of the cortex, white matter, and fiber tracts, guided by Augmented Reality.


Advanced Applications for Epilepsy Surgery

Utilize the Brain Dissection simulator to understand white matter boundaries in epilepsy surgery. Improve your precision and knowledge of critical brain structures to optimize surgical outcomes.

Practical Exercises for Psychomotor Skill Training

Brain Dissection offers practical exercises to enhance psychomotor skill training. Improve your precision and surgical dexterity through targeted exercises.

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How it is composed

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Experience unparalleled tissue realism with the Brain Dissection Simulator

Meticulously replicating intricate brain structures. This advanced tool accurately simulates white matter boundaries and critical brain tissues, enhancing precision in neuroanatomical study and research.

Deepen Your Knowledge of Cortical Structures

Explore the surgical anatomy of the cerebral cortex with unparalleled accuracy. Brain Dissection allows you to precisely identify and navigate cortical regions, enhancing your capability to perform intricate surgeries.

Enhance Your Surgical Precision and Dexterity

Brain Dissection offers practical exercises designed to boost your psychomotor skills. Improve your surgical precision and dexterity through targeted, realistic simulations, preparing you for complex procedures. Additionally, enhance your training experience with our Head Atlas App, which provides supplementary exercises and real-time feedback.

Discover our Anatomy Series

High-fidelity technologies dedicated to the study of anatomy, the most important step before diving into the surgical training

AnatomyARt Collection

Collection of four 3D Anatomical Posters equipped with Augmented Reality

AnatomyARt is a work of art and science. The ultra-accurate anatomical models are rendered in High Definition to provide an impactful visual experience and represent all the micro-details of human anatomy.


Scientifically accurate life-sized human encephalon equipped with Augmented Reality

The ultra-accurate physical anatomical models provide the visual beauty and impressive tactile experience of human neuroanatomy, while the Augmented Reality adds tridimensional labels and other 3D models.


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Brain Dissection