Life-like resection of a bleeding Cerebral Glioma with 5-ALA and Ultrasound


Unlimited advanced training

Removing a Cerebral Glioma is an advanced procedure that residents rarely have access to because of its complexity. Cadaver Labs are very useful for learning basic anatomy, but it is not possible to practice on pathologies because they are absent in the cadavers. Here you can resect a tumor guided by 5-ALA fluorescence and Ultrasounds. Hey, be gentle, it may bleed!

With the BrainTumorBox, advanced neuro-oncology procedures can be constantly taught in a sustainable way.

5ALA + ultrasound guided resection

The most advanced neuro-oncology training ever

The BrainTumorBox allows you to practice resection of an intraparenchymal glioblastoma with epicenter in the frontal white matter. Once the tumor mass is reached, a fluorescence-guided (5-ALA) and ultrasound-guided resection (5ALA) can be performed.

Courses based on this simulation procedure are demonstrating a huge impact in the training of young residents.

Organize a Course

Simulation-based cadaver-free courses

UpSurgeOn‘s simulation-based courses allow you to create a unique experience for neurosurgery residents. The BrainTumorBox is compatible with all UpSurgeOn simulators, thus enabling the organization of a course based on different approaches. The simulator consists of a reusable part and internal disposable cartridges that allow you to operate on an unlimited number of brain Gliomas.

A surgical experience at a congress

Create your experience

What if you could perform a tumor resection during a congress?

The best way for a neurosurgeon to appreciate technologies like an exoscope, microscope, or any other medical instruments is to use it surgically.

We work with Key Opinion Leaders to advance surgical education at any level. In this video, Dr Aaron Cohen-Gadol, founder of Neurosurgical Atlas, is resecting a glioma during the AANS congress 2021 in Philadelphia.


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