Disposable parts for the UpSurgeOn Box

DISPOSABLE SKULLS for the Box Series

Replace the disposable skulls for unlimited manual training

A few Boxes instead of many cadavers:

Thanks to disposable skulls, trainees from all over the world are performing procedures in a repeatable and sustainable way as never before. An example? 15 residents during a course can perform even 60 procedures or more (craniotomies, clippings, explorations etc) using only 6 UpSurgeOn Boxes (the equivalent of 20 cadavers!).

We are already revolutionizing neurosurgery training in 80 countries in the world.

Skulls/boxes available: PterionalBox, TemporalBox, RetrosigmoidBox, InterhemisphericBox, SuboccipitalBox


The equivalent of 1 cadaver head for a transsphenoidal approach

The TNS Box allows you to perform a complete endoscopic transsphenoidal approach to the pituitary fossa and remove an adenoma.

Once you are done, just replace the cavity and start again!


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