AnatomyTouch User Guide

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Multiple views: 2 exploration modes

AnatomyTouch can be used in vertical and horizontal position.

Why AnatomyTouch

We wanted to give anyone the possibility to touch a human brain

Use the lubricant and make the most realistic and life-like touching experience of a full-size human brain. We designed any anatomical detail for the highest educational impact possible.

Expand the experience: connect the virtual reality

AnatomyTouch is designed in two half, a physical and a virtual one. On each side you will access a different virtual/hybrid exploration experience.

  1. Download the HeadAtlas App
  2. Launch the application and click on the “ARTouch” module to access the virtual contents linked to your AnatomyTouch.

Enjoy the hybrid experience on neuroanatomy

Frame each AR Marker and use Augmented Reality on your AnatomyTouch.

In the app you can find:

  • Additional 3D models
  • Labels
  • Areas
  • Descriptions

General Warnings

  • Never leave children unattended with the product
  • Never put hot liquids on the product
  • Never put chemical substances on the product
  • Wash with water and gentle soap, do not use chemical products
  • Do not stretch or dissect brain
  • Do not use lubricant spray different than that recommended
  • Protect the product from dust or any other powder
  • Keep the product away from any heat or magnetic source

All materials used to produce AnatomyTouch are certified, safe and non-toxic.