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Mental Training has never been this powerful!

The apps of the Academy are the most advanced mobile technologies designed to empower your mental training in neuroanatomy and neurosurgery.

Hyperrealistic 3D scenarios

The most comprehensive atlas of head anatomy

All the Apps contain hyperrealistic 3D scenarios, anatomical models and surgical simulations, created under the advice of experienced neurosurgeons, all explorable in Augmented Reality.

Scalable Learning

Move from one App to another

Start your mental training from neuroanatomy through Head Atlas, the most comprehensive atlas of head anatomy for mobile. Then access Neurosurgery, a collection of 3D tools to empower your mental skills in neurosurgery.

UpSurgeOn Technologies for your hands-on courses

Mental and Hybrid Training: Educational Apps

Neurosurgery App and HeadAtlas App have been designed to offer support through the visualization of 3D neuroanatomy and augmented reality of surgical procedures. These tools are already being used in courses in different parts of the world.