Training System for Microvascular Anastomosis and Microsutures

  • Mental
  • Hybrid
  • Manual

Mycro: One simulator, multiple trainings

The most realistic training experience ever

Practice three different anastomoses techniques on 1mm/2mm life-like vessels with blood flow.
Easily switch from an anastomosis to a microsuture exercise.
This simulator is designed to provide the most hyperrealistic training experience ever thanks to a blood flow simulation system for leak test.

Compatible with UpSurgeOn Box

Increase the procedure complexity with the Box

Thanks to Mycro’s compatibility with the UpSurgeOn Box, you can increase the procedure complexity of your exercise. Keep track of your improvements easily!
Challenge your training by using different depths and inclination.

One Simulator, many techniques

The most realistic training experience ever thanks to:

  1. Disposable Vessels: Use 1-2 mm sutures to practice End-to-End and End-to-Lateral sutures. If you want, connect animal vessels to the system, e.g. chicken leg
  2. Disposable Membranes: Use any disposable membrane to practice a microsuture, e.g. a piece of glove
  3. Augmented reality Marker slot: Connect the marker to the base and access all augmented reality functions through the app
  4. Modular height screw: Adjust the level of your environment for a bypass or change the tension of you membrane for a microsuture
  5. Magnetic pawns: Connect the vessels and inject blood to simulate a blood flow into the vessel
  6. Magnetic base: A smart system to fix membranes and vessels and to collect liquids during wet exercices
  7. Skid proof base: A collector system to maintain the base in position and drain liquids during wet exercises