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What is included:

  • Brain model
  • Brainstem and Cerebellum
  • 3D virtual models (intra and extra cerebral anatomy in augmented reality)
  • 5 Augmented Reality markers
  • Lubricant

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The first scientifically accurate and hyperrealistic reproduction of a life size human brain.

Discover what you can learn and explore with AnatomyTouch

Explore AnatomyTouch with AR

A new anatomical exploration concept

AnatomyTouch is divided into a Physical and a Virtual side: you can observe anatomy in a hybrid way, understanding the relationships between neuroanatomical structures.

In the Physical side AR shows:

  • Brain/Cerebellum/Brainstem 3D Labels
  • Ventricles
  • Basal Ganglia
  • Brainstem and cerebellum nuclei
  • Sinuses
  • Skull
  • Skin

In the Virtual side AR shows:

  • DTI White-Matter Fibers
  • Arteries with labels
  • Veins with labels
  • Ventricles with labels
  • Basal Ganglia with labels
  • Brainstem and cerebellum nuclei with labels
  • Sinuses with labels
  • Skull with labels
  • Skin with labels