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Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Neurosurgery app to be sure you can use the augmented reality features in the Hybrid Training and Navigation.

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The NEW UpSurgeOn Box Suite


A new revolution in training has arrived thanks to the new mobile NAVIGATION!

The new UpSurgeOn Box Suite offers a lot of new features:

  • Neuronavigation from smartphones, accessible anywhere
  • More detail thanks to 100 micron capillaries
  • New design and improved aesthetics
  • New scenarios available

Personal training system for cranial neurosurgery

What you can learn and practice

AneurysmBox is the most advanced training system for cranial neurosurgery.

The most advanced and hyperrealistic vascular simulator

5 Aneurysm Cases in 1 Box

In a single simulator you can operate 5 different cases, starting from a mental training based on virtual reality and reaching to manual training. Augmented reality guides you in carrying out a surgical approach, and in this case in choosing one of the 5 cases and then visualizing in 3D the vascular pathology you want to treat.

Case 1: Middle Cerebral Artery
Case 2: Basilar Tip
Case 3: Carotid Bifurcation
Case 4: Anterior Communicating Artery
Case 5: Posterior Communicating Artery

AneurysmBox Full Kit

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