Head Atlas

The most advanced 3D atlas of neuroanatomy

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Scientific 3D Modeling

Neuroanatomy has never been so impressive

HeadAtlas is the first app available to the public with such a high degree of anatomical fidelity. This unprecedented level of detail is the result of a process called Scientific 3D modeling, a method able to deeply connect neuroanatomy experts with 3D artists.

Explore neuroanatomy

Skull bones, nervous system and vascular system

HeadAtlas includes accurate anatomical 3D models which divide the head anatomy into 3 categories: skull bones, vascular system and nervous system, which are in turn organized in 3 levels of detail, from general to specific.

Augmented Reality

Exploring neuroanatomy has never been so powerful

There are several different viewing modes, different sections and transparency functions, but above all, a powerful, and stable augmented reality system.
HeadAtlas is built with robust markerless augmented reality that allows you to use all the visualization functions of the app in an interactive, and most importantly functional way.

UpSurgeOn Technologies for your hands-on courses

Mental and Hybrid Training: Educational Apps

Neurosurgery App and HeadAtlas App have been designed to offer support through the visualization of 3D neuroanatomy and augmented reality of surgical procedures. These tools are already being used in courses in different parts of the world.

Head Atlas