The Interhemispheric approach is the best access to lesions located in the midline along the corpus callosum and can be used also for lesions in the lateral and third ventricles and in the pineal region.

Price intended for Students, Educators, Researchers and Scientific Institutions.

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Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Neurosurgery app to be sure you can use the augmented reality features in the Hybrid Training and Navigation.

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The NEW UpSurgeOn Box Suite


A new revolution in training has arrived thanks to the new mobile NAVIGATION!

The new UpSurgeOn Box Suite offers a lot of new features:

  • Neuronavigation from smartphones, accessible anywhere
  • More detail thanks to 100 micron capillaries
  • New design and improved aesthetics
  • New scenarios available

Who the Interhemispheric Training System is aimed at

This innovative training system for skull base surgery is aimed at:

  • Medical Students
  • Trainees 
  • Consultants

Scientific accuracy

BrainBoxes are manufactured using a scientific process to ensure anatomical accuracy

Here’s what you can observe in an InterhemisphericBox:

  • Mid frontal hemisphere
  • Mid parietal hemisphere
  • Third and fourth segment of the anterior cerebral artery (ACA)
  • Corpus callosum

Complete your BrainBox Suite

All BrainBoxes have been designed in a modular way

BrainBoxes are composed of a part (which we call scenario) containing the anatomy, and a part underneath which contains the scenario.

A complete box includes the scenario (with all its anatomy) and the black box containing it. If you have already bought a full box, you can continue your collection by buying only the scenarios of the other approaches, which you can easily replace in your full box. 

BrainBox Training System for your hands-on courses

Craniotomies, explorations, aneurysm clipping, tumour dissecting and much more

BrainBox is the most hyperrealistic simulator designed for psychomotor skill augmentation. Neurosurgery residents from all over the world are already practicing on this tool to perform neuroanatomy exploration, different craniotomy approaches (thanks to Disposable skulls) aneurysms clipping and tumour dissecting on TNS approach.

All with the BrainBox Suite.

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