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Training System for Microvascular Anastomosis and Microsutures.
Mycro is designed for: Medical Students and Residents of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Maxillo-facial Surgery and Cardio-thoracic surgery.

Special features:

  • Get the APP for step-by-step exercises
  • Life-like vessels with blood flow for leak test
  • Double use, anastomosis and membrane microsuture
  • Double scenario, muscle and brain surface

Shipping time: 5 Working Days


Mycro: microvascular anastomoses and microsutures

One Simulator, many techniques

Mycro is compatible with UpSurgeOn’s Box Suite. This innovative simulator allows you to practice on:

  • End-to-End/End-to-Side/Side-to-Side Anastomoses on 1mm vessels
  • End-to-End/End-to-Side/Side-to-Side Anastomoses on 2mm vessels
  • Simulation of dissectable adventitia
  • Microsutures on any suturable material (like a piece of glove)

Anastomosis like on a LIVE animal

Blood flow simulation and leak test under pressure

Watertight microvascular anastomoses require advanced skills.
Mycro is a personal lab for your daily training.

Blood flow simulation on life-like vessels is now possible also in a non-animal model.
Thanks to the leak testing under pressure you will be able to check your suture at any moment.

Unlimited training

Use any suturable materials for your training

Mycro allows you to put any membrane under tension and practice microsuturing. Included with this simulator you will receive 2 membranes for dural/or membrane microsuture training.
You can use any type of suturable material, such as a piece of glove!


Increase the difficulty level with the UpSurgeOn Box

Mycro is compatible with the UpSurgeOn Box to simulate depth and inclination

Combined with an UpSurgeOn Box, Mycro allows you to increase the difficulty level of your exercise changing depth and inclination.


  • Remove the scenario from your UpSurgeOn Box.
  • Insert Mycro (with its sleigh) inside the black Box to increase the depth
  • Place the Box on the white base and change the inclination of your simulator

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