The first mobile Neuro-navigator to enrich your training with UpSurgeOn simulators.

Components included:
• Pointer
• F-Locker
• AR Marker
• Metal plate
• Free navigation module included in Neurosurgery app

Navigation compatible simulators: PterionalBox, RetrosigmoidBox, TemporalBox, SuboccipitalBox, InterhemisphericBox, AneurysmBox, BrainTumorBox.

Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Neurosurgery app to be sure you can use the Navigation module. The Navigation Tool works exclusively with UpSurgeOn simulators.

A New Concept for Advanced Simulation

Mobile Navigation: wherever you are

Mental and manual training goes to the next level with the new smartphone navigation tool. Learning to understand tomography in order to approach pathology correctly is essential to increase your skills!

Training technology for anywhere

Create your own portable training experience

To use navigation on your UpSurgeOn simulator, you only need the pointer and your smartphone. From now on you can do it anywhere: in a lab, in a hospital, in the office and even at home. The future of your training is pocket-sized!

How Navigation works

Navigation tool + Neurosurgery App

Using the Navigation tool is very simple:

  • Open the “Navigation” module of the Neurosurgery app
  • Select your simulator from the list
  • Replace the marker in your simulator with the one in Navigation
  • Start your training!

Hands-on Cadaver-free Training Courses

Another step forward for your courses

Imagine being able to create simulation courses within your institution by making it possible for each student to use a Navigator to prepare for the procedure. This is the future of cadaver-free simulation!

Get Navigation with UpSurgeOn Boxes

UpSurgeOn Box + Navigation Tool

To use the Navigation tool you need an UpSurgeOn simulator. All simulators, with the exception of the TNSBox, are compatible with Navigation. If you have not yet purchased your Box, you can purchase a special package that includes your chosen approach and Navigation.

This product needs: Product Accessories