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Get Craniotomies Full

9 Approaches in Augmented Reality

Neurosurgery is a comprehensive library of MODULES for mental training and updates. Craniotomies Full, one of the modules currently available, is a 3D simulator of 9 approaches to anterior, middle and posterior skull base and interhemispheric region. All explorable in augmented reality!

A powerful simulation sequence

Planning, positioning, approach, microscope: speed up your mental training

3D step-by-step procedures in Augmented Reality to improve automatisms on the most common neurosurgical approaches. A powerful tool for your classes or exams.

Expand your BrainBox

Get the ultimate Hybrid Experience

Neurosurgery contains BoxAR, a free module for Augmented Reality which interacts with the physical BrainBox. BoxAR and Brainbox together create the best HYBRID experience of training ever!

Enhance your Mental Training

Explore the library and stay up to date

A library of virtual modules for mental training and a real-time stream of news and updates from the scientific community.

Mental skill augmentation using Augmented Reality

The digital part of the UpSurgeOn Academy is amazing

The mental training of the Neurosurgery App combined with the manual training of the BrainBox create the most advanced sequence of technologies for SKILL AUGMENTATION.

UpSurgeOn Technologies for your hands-on courses

Mental and Hybrid Training: Educational Apps

Neurosurgery App and HeadAtlas App have been designed to offer support through the visualization of 3D neuroanatomy and augmented reality of surgical procedures. These tools are already being used in courses in different parts of the world.

Improve your Mental Training

Expand your library: speed up your knowledge

Interactive 3D scenarios, advanced tools for augmented reality, scientific updates and news.