TNS Box is the first self-training system for Transsphenoidal endonasal approach to the pituitary fossa.

Price intended for Students, Educators, Researchers and Scientific Institutions.

For Renting and Business Solutions, contact us.

Shipping time: 2/3 weeks*
Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Neurosurgery app to be sure you can use the augmented reality features in the Hybrid Training.

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Self-training system for endoscopic skull base approach to the pituitary fossa.

TNS Box gives you full access to an advanced psychomotor training programme divided into 3 parts: mental (APP), hybrid (Augmented Reality) and manual (BOX). All this is accessible through our application “Neurosurgery”, available on Google Play and Apple Store.

TNS Box: designed by skull base neurosurgeons

Use it everywhere: at home, in a lab, in an OR

Who the TNS Training System is aimed at:

  • Medical Students
  • Trainees
  • Consultants

What can I do with the TNS Box

Improve your surgical skills in skull base endoscopy

Train on a daily bases your surgical dexterity. Get automatisms related to the use of microsurgical instruments such as the endoscope, dissector and tissue forceps. Through the use of this system you will be able to explore the nasal cavity, and to prepare it to reach a tumor located into the pituitary fossa. Then train your abilities to dissect and remove the tumor endoscopically.

How the TNS Box works

Your Box interacts with an app to give you a 360° training experience.

Download the “Neurosurgery” app, log in and open the “TNS” module to start your personal training programme:

  • Mental Training: in this section, divided into 5 chapters, you will learn, through the use of interactive 3D models, aspects of 3D imagination, automatism and strategy related with a TNS approach.

  • Hybrid Training: in this section you will be guided in transferring these notions from the virtual dimension to your TNS Box through the use of augmented reality: the app joins your physical simulator to give you the possibility to visualise and plan your intervention.

  • Manual Training: follow the tutorials to learn how to handle the tools included in your kit and how to move around during the exploration.

Organize your course

Get the Disposable Cavities for TNS Box

The TNS Box allows you a complete exploration of the nasal cavity, sphenoid sinus and pituitary fossa. 

To expand your experience, we have created the TNS Disposable Cavity: this accessory gives you the possibility to dissect and drill your surgical field.

Once the procedure is over, replace the cavity and start again.