Simulation-based Cadaver-free Training

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Microsuture techniques: Anastomoses and watertight sutures

Psychomotor Skill Training Course for the acquisition and enhancement of microsurgical skills based on simulation.

3-session course (1 full Hands-on, 2 Online).

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What is the Cadaver-less training course

UpSurgeOn’s cadaver-less courses are based on 3 keywords: LOW-COST, GLOBAL DISSEMINATION, UNLIMITED TRAINING.

Surgery needs this revolution to increase patient safety, reduce resident learning time, reduce training costs, and most importantly to bring training to the world.

UpSurgeOn is spreading the cadaver-free training revolution around the world through mental and manual training technologies.



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1 App, 1 Box: all you need is here

UpSurgeOn’s courses are designed to fit the needs of each institution. The number of simulators is agreed upon based on the number of students who will participate in the course, and the most important thing is that we can do everything remotely!

Imagine an entire cadaver lab, in a single box.

Psychomotor Skill Training Sequence

Mental, Hybrid and Manual Training

Psychomotor skill training course is divided into 3 areas of learning.

  • Mental Training
    Educational Apps for neuroanatomy and neurosurgical procedures study

  • Hybrid Training
    BrainBox has been conceived to be fused with an augmented reality app to improve the simulation experience

  • Manual Training
    One box, infinite scenarios. Illimitate craniotomies, dural opening, explorations and aneurysm clipping.

Hi-tech training in any LMICs

Global Training Project 2021

Traditional training is high cost and requires the use of cadavers. In many places around the world, these factors limit the ability of young neurosurgeons to practice.

The Global Training Project was created with the goal of creating training that is the same for everyone, worldwide. This can save the lives of many patients and give rise to a new generation of super-trained neurosurgeons.

Global Training Project is supported by:


We are bringing the revolution of the cadaver-free training to many countries

  • Iraq, Baghdad
  • Cameroon, Bamenda
  • Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
  • Morrocco, Rabat
  • Brazil, Recife
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Ghana, Accra
  • Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • Philippines, Manila
  • Pakistan, Peshawar
  • Bogotà, Colombia

Dr. Samer Hoz

Organizer of the first #GTP Course in Baghdad, Iraq

“Personally, I conducted at least 13 hands-on courses on animal models in the last 3 years and attend more than 20 cadaveric courses in USA, Europe, Japan and India. After all that i can say this: the UpSurgeOn course is the best, with more permanent effect and for sure the most clean one. It is an educational revolution! Making the course was an easy and soft process. We set 10 as faculty (trainers) and 20 as participants (trainees) using 6 boxes only. All the participants were 100% satisfied at the end of the course. We have been able to see the effectiveness of using the BrainBoxes on imagination, orientation and planning. Also the manual skills of every step like using micro-instruments in a proper way or how to change the microscope orientation or how to use the clips on an aneurysm. The subtemporal was very interesting for the senior residents.

Future: We will conduct courses in every big city on a monthly base in Iraq. Starting from May 2021.

Grazie UpSurgeOn”