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Scientific accuracy

You need this level of detail

Thanks to an innovative process called Scientific 3D Modelling, we have reproduced all the details of a real brain. Here is what you can explore in a RetrosigmoidBox:

III: Oculomotor Nerves
PComA:Posterior Communicating Artery
PCA: Posterior Cerebral Artery
Pituitary Stalk
Perforating Arteries
Basilar artery
Vertebral artery
SCA: Superior Cerebellar Artery
AICA: Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
PICA: Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
Mammillary bodies
IV: Trochlear nerve
V: Trigeminal nerve
VI: Abducens nerve
VII/VIII: Facial/vestibular nerves
IX-X-XI: Mixed cranial nerves
XII: Hypoglossal nerve
Medulla oblongata
Posterior skull base fossa

UpSurgeOn Technologies for your hands-on courses

Manual Training: BrainBox

BrainBox is the most hyperrealistic simulator designed for psychomotor skill augmentation. Neurosurgery residents from all over the world are already practicing on this tool to perform neuroanatomy exploration, craniotomies and aneurysms clipping.

BrainBox is modular

One Box, infinite Scenarios

BrainBox has been designed in a modular way. To create your simulation library, if you already have a full box, you can simply change the internal scenario to switch from one approach to another.

Mental Training with Neurosurgery App

A powerful Mental Training in your hands

Planning, positioning, approach, microscope…a powerful sequence to enhance your knowledge, all in a mobile app. Neurosurgery is the most advance technology to empower your mental training.

Expand your experience with Hybrid Training

Augmented reality for a powerful training

Through the BoxAR, a free module included in Neurosurgery App which interacts with the physical BrainBox, you can plan your craniotomy and follow the steps of the procedures with Augmented Reality.

Manual Training: Craniotomies

Perform infinite craniotomies with Disposable Skulls

Imagine being able to perform endless craniotomies with just one BrainBox and disposable skulls.

Having access to a cadaver lab having already done dozens and dozens of procedures would be a huge revolution.

Manual Training: Exploration

The first cadaver-less training

BrainBox is the most hyperrealistic simulator of brain anatomy. You can explore all the structures even at home, on your desk.