• Mental
  • Hybrid
  • Manual

Scientific accuracy

You need this level of detail

Thanks to an innovative process called Scientific 3D Modelling, we have reproduced all the details of a real brain. Here is what you can explore in a RetrosigmoidBox:

III: Oculomotor Nerves
PComA:Posterior Communicating Artery
PCA: Posterior Cerebral Artery
Pituitary Stalk
Perforating Arteries
Basilar artery
Vertebral artery
SCA: Superior Cerebellar Artery
AICA: Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
PICA: Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery
Mammillary bodies
IV: Trochlear nerve
V: Trigeminal nerve
VI: Abducens nerve
VII/VIII: Facial/vestibular nerves
IX-X-XI: Mixed cranial nerves
XII: Hypoglossal nerve
Medulla oblongata
Posterior skull base fossa

BrainBox is modular

One Box, infinite Scenarios

BrainBox has been designed in a modular way. To create your simulation library, if you already have a full box, you can simply change the internal scenario to switch from one approach to another.

Mental Training with Neurosurgery App

A powerful Mental Training in your hands

Planning, positioning, approach, microscope…a powerful sequence to enhance your knowledge, all in a mobile app. Neurosurgery is the most advance technology to empower your mental training.

Expand your experience with Hybrid Training

Augmented reality for a powerful training

Through the BoxAR, a free module included in Neurosurgery App which interacts with the physical BrainBox, you can plan your craniotomy and follow the steps of the procedures with Augmented Reality.

Manual Training: Craniotomies

Perform infinite craniotomies with Disposable Skulls

Imagine being able to perform endless craniotomies with just one BrainBox and disposable skulls.

Having access to a cadaver lab having already done dozens and dozens of procedures would be a huge revolution.

Manual Training: Exploration

The first cadaver-less training

BrainBox is the most hyperrealistic simulator of brain anatomy. You can explore all the structures even at home, on your desk.