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Our neurosurgeons designed a training system for cranial neurosurgery.

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Customer Reviews

  • The concept and the quality of the BrainBox is amazing! With AR technology, it’s much more awesome. This will be a greatly helpful for the residents and even fellows to prepare for certain cases in preop and also helpful when reviewing the case as postop. It’s a lot more accurate and delicate than I expected. Truly recommend trying it!

    David Park – Neurosurgeon – NY, USA

  • The PterionalBox is a new excellent, comparatively inexpensive training tool to train new generations of both neurosurgeons and medical students to further visualize surgical anatomy from different perspectives and how to work in a surgical corridor.

    Felix Corr – Medical Student – Mainz, Germany

  • Simply amazing!! BrainBox has changed the way I learn neurosurgery. The extreme accuracy of anatomical details and the possibility of practicing when and where I want before surgery, make it an essential daily tool during my residency in neurosurgery.

    Simona Serioli – Resident in Neurosurgery – Brescia, Italy