UpSurgeOn Academy:
theoretical knowledge is not enough

The most advanced sequence of virtual and physical tools designed to train your mental and manual skills.

UpSurgeOn Academy: The revolution of cadaver-free training

Attain excellence in mental and manual skills. The Academy is designed to ease your learning curve in neurosurgery and neuroanatomy, and to be integrated into your standard curriculum.

Any human discipline, art, sport or specific ability, requires exercise. Exercise means repetition, and repetition means access to the experience every day, for years.

Now, many disciplines allow you to have access to the experience easily. This is because such actions do not imply liability towards third parties. For example, there are few consequences if you don’t play the piano correctly!

In neurosurgery is different. The risks are there. But don’t worry, the UpSurgeOn Academy is here to help you.

Here you can find a library of summarised topics on neurosurgery and neuroanatomy to provide a rapid reference in your daily scientific activity.

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The Academy Architecture

The UpSurgeOn Academy is the integration of 3 products (Apps, AR and Brainbox) into a high-tech educational program designed to support anatomical knowledge, surgical skills and procedural ability (patent pending n. 102019000000583 – deposited 14 Jan 2019).
The platform is the natural extension of the Standard Surgical Curriculum: it empowers and speeds up the path from Medical Degree to Residency and finally to Neurosurgical activity.

The Academy Architecture

Mental Training

Educational Apps

3D support through virtual neuroanatomy and surgical simulation tools

Hybrid Training

Augmented Reality

AR software – fusion of digital and physical tools, from craniotomy to deep exploration

Manual Training


Life-like, high-fidelity physical simulators of surgical scenarios

Head Atlas
Spine Atlas
PNS Atlas
Suture Trainer
Bypass Trainer
Dissection Trainer
Drilling Trainer
Cranial Approaches
Cranial Emergency
Cranial Pathology
Spine Procedures
Shunts Pediatric